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Legal Disclaimer 

The information provided on this website are accepted contents from multiple writers and there is no guarantee that it will make anyone successful.  Prime Life Enterprise takes no responsibility in the application of any contents or in any context for guidance.  One should take legal advice for their own security and personal guarantees. 

Our 'Golden Rule' and policy in every deal and relationship is Honesty and Integrity.  


It is adviced that one obtain professional training in the arena or sector one wishes to pursue gain by means of investment.  We seek investors in all property sectors for a short or long term partnership. 


Short term investment as per project with a professional contract for each separate project to be legally signed. 

Buy to Rent 

we seek Business Partners for sustaining a continuous growth of assets in the process of 'buy, refurbish and rent'. Properties are maintained in Prime life Enterprise Ltd.  Each partner receives as per shares. 

Rent to Rent

Generally an agreement with Landlords for 5 to 7 years and with the option for Prime Life Enterprise Ltd to purchase the properties at the end of an agreed term.


For serious investors seeking to purchase any specific properties, must be ready to invest.  When the specifications are met and agreed on the profitability, the investors must proceed by first placing a deposit down to demonstrate their commitment in the deal. Proof of funds for the desired purchased price will be checked as well as the deposit. 








Looking for investors and partners for single project or long term.  To buy, refurb and flip for profit. Or re-finance, rent out and re-invest.  


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